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A new initiative from Tyler School of Art Dean’s Student Advisory Council (DSAC): Life After Tyler podcasts! The DSAC asked for career workshops they could fit into a student’s busy schedule, so we will be producing podcasts for you to listen to while you run, commute, or work in the studio. Watch for these helpful podcasts periodically (the goal is to produce at least one every other week). If you would like to suggest a topic, or if you would like to make one yourself, contact Student Life (
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May 19, 2017

Tyler Professor Gerard Brown leads a panel discussion with Sharon Louden, Hrag Vartanian, and Deana Haggag covering  a range of topics, including: Identifying and communicating assets and skills common to the artists studio practice that are useful to mean of creating value for industrial partners. These assets include, among others, the capacity to utilize failure productively, and cultural reciprocity, an acute awareness of the use of cultural exchange for growth. The inherently collaborative nature of artistic disciplines in contrast to myths of individual, autonomous creative work. The ways in which artists, who routinely produce something from nothing, can contribute to the discussion of quantifying success.

 If you are interested in Sharon's book, you can find it here.

May 16, 2017

Before technology became so prominent in job searches, people used to use elevator pitches to get their jobs. It was the statement that sold them to a company or a CEO and took only as much time as riding an elevator up a floor. With LinkedIn and other job websites becoming popular, the art of the elevator pitch isn’t lost, it’s just changed. Learn about the six perfect pitches and land the job you want.